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Apart from our diverse network of professional translators, scorch translate also manages a team of English and Chinese copywriters who specialises in content development (i.e., web content, brochures, ads, annual reports, etc.) of the various genres that are appropriate for any given commercial sectors.

✱ specialised content experts

Established copywriters in English and Chinese

✱ broad industry expertise

Writers who copywrote for a wide range of organisations

✱ transcreation capability

Ability to localise creative content for global marketing

Inherently, as content experts who have copywrote for the MNCs and SMEs of the creative, IT, manufacturing, medical and retail industries, our copywriters are likewise proficient in copyediting and proofreading for most content materials in English and Chinese.

What’s more, we are also experienced in transcreations (or creative translations) that are commonly engaged for the marketing of international products and services, and particularly in the recreation of creative concepts from English to Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) or Japanese, and vice versa.

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